"Happiness through practical peace of mind, in daily living..."

"That for which all people long is eternally present,
shining at the heart of all experience."

Life, not as a problem to be solved,
but a mystery to be lived.

Our happiness does not depend on circumstances.

It can be scary to dis-cover that our intimate "me" is simply a mind construct, an unexamined belief.

I (Holger) struggled for decades with unhappiness and the sense of lack.   

Through the gift of Satsang and like-hearted friends I was able to understand and experience that suffering is a subtle misunderstanding with huge implications.

Deeply pondering can be fun and liberating

The way out is in

The sense of separation:
10% misguided thinking,
90% muscle-memory.

How would you say it?

Is there a way to make this really simple,
so that one can start to debunk suffering,
enjoy life (and reduce their carbon-footprint)?

Please share@basicwisdoms.com

I still have the strong sense that we can, in fun
and fulfilling ways, contribute to a positive shift
in the collective narratives through art & education.