The Universe is friendly ❤️

🕊 Being aware is effortless.

Psychological disturbances are caused by identity 😇

Truth is simple, the seeker is complex...

"The discovery that peace, happiness and love are ever-present within our own being and completely available at every moment of experience, under all conditions, is the most important discovery that anyone can make".

“The spiritual path is not a solo endeavor. In fact, the very notion of a self who is trying to free her/himself is a delusion. We are in it together and the company of spiritual friends helps us realize our interconnectedness.”

Gratitude for you at the Garden Of Friends, for soaking together in Presence in a playful, loving atmosphere.

Thank you Magdi ( for your precious Satsangs, pointers, love and wisdom.

I don't need to swim on my own, I can relax and allow in-team-a-see.