Truth is simple, the seeker complex...

"The discovery that peace, happiness and love are ever-present within our own being and completely available at every moment of experience, under all conditions, is the most important discovery that anyone can make".

"Know the truth and the truth will set you free."

Please bear with me,
I am learning to use simple English words ❤️

We all want the same, if we know it or not.
We all want happiness through peace of mind.

Happiness through pleasure creates suffering and all the lack, greed, cruelty and inhumanity we see in the world.

It is fascinating to discover how I create my own suffering, my own unhappiness.

Not intentionally, for sure, but just because of some simple core misunderstanding.

My words here are maybe 1% helpful, the rest comes from Presence, Grace, Love, hiding between the words, behind the words and as the words.

"In me you have peace,
in the world you have tribulations..."

The empty lines here are an invitation to be aware of the Presence of Awareness.

This Presence of Awareness is our true nature.

"I know that I am aware of..." these words here.

I am seeing words.

I am breathing.

I am sitting here.

I am aware of a subtle impatience, eagerness, of wanting to get to the point, life is precious, time is money, things need to get done.

"In quietness and confidence is your strength."

Blah, blah?

... or the most precious pointer to finally discover how I create my own unhappiness, since decades!

Mr. Jesus asks us: Who do you say I am?

In other words, ask your self: who am I?

Habitually we point to the body-mind and say:

This is "me", a bunch of thoughts, feelings and mental images, playing out in space and time.

In other words,

I know that I am aware of thoughts,

I know that I am aware of feelings,

I know that I am aware of sense impressions,

I know that I am aware of memories,

I know that I am aware of beliefs...

"Truth is simple, the seeker is complex."

What is "I"?

Who am "I"?

What do I assume myself to be?

The thinking mind cannot answer this question, because thinking is the tool I am using.

But being the answer is super important, because we don't want to create our own unhappiness!

The truth is neither "out there" nor "in here".

The truth is not accumulated knowledge, but knowing knowing itself.

Words are pointers, for attention to follow.

We don't need many words!

Presence itself is the teacher.

... not "another".

My attention is like sheep, all over the place (mental confetti).

The wolf is unhappiness, bringing seeming loss and suffering; reminding me to be clear about what I really want.

The shepherd is what ensures harmony and protection; not through childish beliefs and hopes, but experience.

The shepherd, not as a "person" separate from "me", but me acknowledging "I am aware of Awareness".

Sorry, the words got messy again?

It is simple, but it requires bravery/love, friends, human interactions, to examine beliefs and assumptions that limit "me" conceptually.

Experientially nothing is lacking, here and now; no agitation; peace.

Conceptually I am a person, limited in time and space?