Truth is simple, the seeker is complex...

"The discovery that peace, happiness and love are ever-present within our own being and completely available at every moment of experience, under all conditions, is the most important discovery that anyone can make".


My daughter is eleven-teen, I have some hands-on interest in learning about learning and life itself.

What are some few things we can agree/explore that are fun-da-mental for a peaceful sustainable life?
Please send me an email, gift me your interest; I am not selling anything.

What makes us human?

What were my own struggles, what's different now?

What do I really want?

This was/is an amazing question: What do I really want?
A gem from Roger Castillo; together with some fun-da-mental explorations of pleasure/pain and suffering.

What do I assume myself to be?

Uncounted other precious explorations gifted by Magdi, for example discovering the difference between conceptualizing and direct-experience.

Experientially I am borderless Awareness, open and free; conceptually I am a man, a father, a son, a body-mind that will compost sooner or later (not a very sexy outlook)... 

It takes a universe to make a sandwich...

I was like hypnotized, and I am still waking up. 

I only knew myself conceptually as a person, trying to grow up and survive in a world of ideas, in space and time.

I am deeply grateful for human interactions with truth lovers; in coming together, in sharing, in celebrating, maybe even just in being quiet, there is a subtle presence that words cannot describe. 

No need to impress each other, just the freedom to be.


"The only truth in the manifestation is the impersonal sense I am; the rest are concepts."

"Excitement is a scam of the mind."

"In quietness and confidence is your strength."

Thinking allowed, thinking aloud

Inquiry, Satsang, Zoom, feeling awkward, insecure, bored...
learning how to think, to not habitually run away from feelings...
so simple, so easy, where is the difficulty?

Please don't be a stranger... 

Send me an email, visit the, post on, maybe join Telegram...
it doesn't need to make-sense, it doesn't need to be approved by the assumed "me".