A Teaching From Jesus

Easter Message from Moojibaba

Love is our common denominator: our words, our reasoning, our traditions are probably different... but so what!
Here and now we are given to opportunity and response-bility to grow up spiritually; to discover the games our own thinking mind plays with us...

Holger: It is not very romantic or common to replace the word God with Consciousness and Jesus with Awareness, but this is how I can understand and demystify the Bible; this is how the confusing bits and pieces come together for me, like in a beautiful puzzle.

I can better understand the difficulties I had in my seeking and the traps I fell in uncounted times.

Over the years I learned many important things from Mooji:

There is a certain beauty in the sentiment Bible stories can create, especially when they are shared by a living being who is in touch with the infinite presence of Love, the Bible is trying to reacquaint us with.

I respect Mooji as an authentic human being, who knows what he is talking about, based on experience. I am grateful for his uncounted Youtube videos I could freely watch. Psychologically I don't feel attached; I don't call him my Guru, even though he removed many obstacles on my "path" -- a distance-less journey from head to heart:

Escaping the slavery of false identity and doer-ship, seemingly starving in the deserts of fruitless thinking, being tossed in the storms of fears and doubts, paralyzed by assumed expectations and harsh judgments -- all of this in my own head, my own ignorance; while, during all those uncounted and painful years life took care of my needs, my body, my circumstances.

I was so overwhelmed with pain and longing, so full with fantasies about God, Jesus, enlightenment, Spirit, etc.  that there was no inner space, no openness on my side to feel the touch of Life, Love, Grace. My own expectations, delusions, misunderstood pains, guilt and shame separated me from the Light/Clarity/Peace I felt separated from, for decades.

I am not claiming any personal achievement, I am rather humbled in seeing the simple mechanism how I create my own suffering: 

ignorance, guilt, blame, shame, pride, expectations and attachments to outcome form a subtle veil that seemingly separates me from the peace and wisdom that is everyone's true nature.

Beyond doubt there is a positive resonance and benediction by simply and effortlessly being aware and present in the "space beyond thinking". 

The Bible can be a fascinating teaching tool, but if the seeker is not vigilant in exploring and understanding the nature of his/her own mind, then the Bible only serves as a pain-killer in an unending loop of self-inflicted suffering, no matter how noble the intention.

God is not mocked, cannot feel sorry; we need to make an effortless effort, we need to ask and knock through our sincerity and vigilance; our trap is so ridiculous and simple that we don't see it.  

It takes inter-human relationships to be stirred and to wake up.

Thank you! 

“God is truth and love. 

There is only one God, not two. 

Only one reality. 

Different names, 

but the same one power. 

What better way to be at home, 

than to be reminded of the truth 

of our inmost being. 

Happy Easter today. 

God bless you. 

In Jesus name today, 

thank you, thank you.”