Reposted: Shiva and Shakti
Francis Lucille

Incompletely edited Text from auto transcript:

00:00 Francis I have a question about
Shiva and Shakti energy. What cost in
balance in those energy and is there
something that I can do to keep it in a

00:14 I think Shiva and Shakti in their dance
they know very well how to balance each
other they are very good dancers
they don't need your help
other than to understand what Shiva is
and what Shakti is.

01:08 Shiva is a reality.
Shakti is the world. the body and the
mind. Shiva is the reality and the
consciousness, which are the same

01:47 the world
is as we experience it as human being
of two kinds there is the world of
matter which is also the world of form

in sanskrit rupa to form

and there is a world of thoughts
a subtle world not a physical world
and the world of thoughts
of concept of images of dreams in the

mind in sanskrit namah the names the

totality of the manifestation is

sat -- being, meaning being of truth

chit -- consciousness,

Ananda meaning bliss, happiness

nama -- the concepts the subtle world

Rupa -- the physical world


satchitananda nama Rupa

out of these

three qualities nama Rupa is Shakti

satchitananda is shiva

in the absence of

nama Rupa of the world of perception

shiva stands alone as satchitananda

beingness consciousness happiness

then it emanates the world nama Rupa

nama Rupa is also known as Maya but it's not

different from Shiva

Shiva is still present

as Shakti shuttle doesn't stand separate

from Shiva he says that Shiva becomes

Shakti in the same way as a very tiny

seed of the banyan tree becomes the tree

the invisible tiny seed is the invisible


Shiva becomes the manifestation

so if you want to see Shiva first look at

Shakti because it Shakti is nothing else

than Shiva

appearing under the disguise of the



ignorance comes when we identify with

nama Rupa

when we consciousness chit

identifies with an object, subtle -- nama, or

physical Rupa subtle the me concept the I concept

grows physical human body when

consciousness chit identifies with nama


Rupa there is ignorant also known as a


now consciousness being seen as an

object has left the satchitananda part

has left seemingly left Shiva

when consciousness is seen as different from

sat in other ways from reality truth

then seemingly and ananada Happiness

disappears because a happiness

at that moment the energy of happiness

is used to pull chit out of ignorance to

take it back to sat when

awareness and beingness atman and

brahman are seen as one then happiness

is restore sat-chit-ananda nama Rupa


whether it is in the presence in the

absence of the object

Shiva alone or in the presence of the

manifestation of Shakti so the only way

to have this harmony to answer your

question between Shakti and Shiva is not

to identify consciousness with any nama

or Rupa with any object subtle or gross

intellectual or physical such as a body

or mind