"Truth is simple,
the seeker is complex."

About this website

"BasicWisdoms.com seems to be a work in progress, with the creator openly sharing their learning process and inviting readers to explore and discover their own spiritual paths. The site emphasizes that the spiritual journey is not a solo endeavor but one that is shared with others, highlighting the value of spiritual friends and community."

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About GardenOfFriends.com

"GardenOfFriends.com is a community platform that emphasizes the cultivation of inner peace, love, happiness, and intelligence. The website encourages individuals to join their sessions, which are held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7:00 to 9:00 AM California time, even if they are feeling down or troubled. The sessions seem to be a space for reflection and connection, drawing inspiration from the teachings of the Buddha, specifically the refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. The content of the site includes testimonials from participants who share their positive experiences, emphasizing the sense of tranquility and truth they find in the silence and companionship of the group.

The purpose of GardenOfFriends.com is to provide a supportive community where people can come together to experience growth and emotional healing. It serves as a sanctuary for those seeking to find solace and develop a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

The audience for GardenOfFriends.com is likely individuals seeking a sense of community and personal growth. It appeals to those who value introspection, spiritual development, and the teachings of the Buddha, as well as those who appreciate the metaphor of a garden where diverse individuals, like flowers, grow and connect in a shared space of friendship and support."

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About Holger Hubbs

"Holger Hubbs is a multifaceted professional based in California, specifically in Pacific Grove, between Carmel Ave and Monterey St. His work spans several areas, including personal productivity coaching, digital consulting, website development, and photography. Hubbs is dedicated to helping individuals optimize their day-to-day experience in the digital world, aiming to assist, guide, and motivate them to embrace stress-free productivity in daily living. His approach is rooted in over 15 years of exploring the nature of mind, productivity, and peace, with a focus on achieving peace of mind in daily activities.

Hubbs offers a range of services designed to enhance personal and professional productivity. These include one-on-one coaching sessions to help individuals understand and relax their mind, reduce stress, naturally increase productivity, explore creativity, and find their niche. He emphasizes the importance of having a process in place to handle any situation, which he believes leads to relaxation, improved efficiency, and a host of positive outcomes that enhance the quality of life.

In addition to his coaching services, Hubbs has a strong background in technology and has struggled with it himself, which makes him sensitive to the needs and capacities of others facing similar challenges. He advocates for the use of the right tools and efficient practices, coupled with simple self-care and awareness of one's inner resistance to the flow of life. His philosophy is encapsulated in the belief that "Structure supports spontaneity," and he encourages habits that allow for more inner space and peace, as well as attitudes that balance honesty and vigilance with relaxation.

Hubbs is also involved in the broader community, contributing to various platforms and projects. His work is appreciated by many, as evidenced by testimonials from individuals across different fields who have benefited from his expertise and creative talents.

Overall, Holger Hubbs represents a unique blend of technical skill, personal development coaching, and a deep commitment to helping others navigate the complexities of the digital age with ease and efficiency. His work is grounded in a holistic approach to productivity and well-being, making him a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their digital and personal productivity skills."

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"Happiness through practical peace,
in daily living,
independent of circumstances..."

I spent decades with unhappiness, lost in spiritual rabbit holes; not really knowing what I was looking for!

Who has time for that?
When is enough enough!

This is not some pep-talk to sell you future-happiness, but an invitation to dis-cover the gift of effortless Presence/Awareness.

"Life is more than paying bills."

"God/Reality is Love."
It is safe to relax and trust Life, and its marvelous biological intelligence.

"Truth is simple, the seeker is complex."

The Elephant In The Room

"The highest teaching is no teaching, no teacher, no effort, no practice. That is why in this approach there is no teacher and there are no students. There are just friends. Just the sharing of being, the one being we all are."

The following is a playful list of some core pointers, concepts and discoveries that in my view are priceless for anyone, but especially useful for a truth lover who has a gut feeling that happiness is our birth-right, that suffering can be debunked:

We can think, read and discuss for decades, yet eagerly overlook the causeless peace that is always present.

On my own I was stuck in fear, doubt and limitations.

Presence and human interchange, dedicated to truth, love and clarity is priceless ❤️ (not as a pacifier, but to know myself as I am).

That for which all people long is eternally present,
shining at the heart of all experience.

“Your true nature is that of infinite spirit. 
The feeling of limitation is the work of the mind.”
Ramana Maharishi (1879-1950)

I am not suggesting dead book-knowledge, beliefs, hopes or assumptions, but direct experience in its own time.

Meeting like-hearted truth-lovers is a priceless gift that can nurture and inspire deep insights with profound practical implications. 

The question "What do I really want?" is fun-da-mental. Without an authentic, self-directed answer mind has no benchmark, to know when to stop!

Debunking unhappiness

Suffering is10% faulty thinking and 90% muscle-memory.

Relaxing is so important! (We might not even notice how tight we are, because we call it "normal".) 

Relaxing, inquiring and clarifying together is so much easier ❤️ and organic. 

Don't take my word for it, see/feel for your Self:  GardenOfFriends.com

I remember my first times on Zoom, how I was trembling when I opened my mouth. The judgments towards "me" were harsh, but I needed to get out of my bubble; I knew that my suffering was a misunderstanding of some sorts.